Effeciency Improved with System-Built Modular Designs

Build smarter, faster and more homes annually without all the hassles!

Do you have a year-round, reliable crew of skilled tradesmen, designers, engineers, sales & technical consultants at your disposal to meet the demands of your local market? Stratford Building Corporation does. As a system-built modular home builder, you can make our team your team without increasing your payroll or overhead.

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In addition, there are many other advantages that we can offer you over traditional site-built construction:

  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Custom home designs
  • Technical support
  • Estimating services
  • Reduced crew sizes, meaning a smaller payroll and fewer insurance costs for the builder
  • Increased quality: we hire third-party inspectors and have internal quality management
  • Building in a climate-controlled and secure environment
  • Buyer lead referral system
  • Sales and marketing materials and training/advice
  • Co-op advertising
  • Volume discounts on materials resulting in more competitive pricing
  • Fewer hassles with inspectors as modular homes are built to all statewide & local building codes
  • Ability to build year-round
  • Significantly less site-waste and “green” construction techniques

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We encourage you to contact us if you are tired of coordinating unreliable subcontractors, losing profits to ever-increasing material costs and want to increase the number of homes you build and your profits, without increasing your overhead.

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Advancements in modular home technology allow us to build attractive, high-quality homes that appraise as site-built homes in an average of 30-50% less time. We are happy to schedule a business consultation with you to see how Stratford Building Corporation can help your business build more quality homes in a fraction of the time.